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Dive deep into serenity with our 2-hour massage therapy.

Our 2-hour massage therapy is designed to provide an immersive relaxation experience. It allows for a comprehensive approach to addressing stress, muscle tension, and overall well-being. This extended session offers the time needed to focus on specific areas requiring attention while also ensuring a complete, full-body relaxation. Perfect for unwinding and rejuvenating, it’s an investment in your health that leaves you feeling balanced, refreshed, and ready to embrace life’s challenges with a renewed spirit.

120 min therapeutic massage tailored to you and you're needs. To reduce muscular tension and stress. Makenzie uses a firm to medium pressure. Please communicate for lighter pressure. Makenzie is experienced in Cupping, Graston, Gua Sha and hot stones techniques.

Makenzie Maurice


Makenzie Maurice- Sunrise Stretch & Massage

22566 Southwest Washington Street, Suite 211
Sherwood, OR



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Discover the transformative power of a 2-hour massage therapy session.
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