Targeted Relief Mini Session

Focused care for specific discomfort.

In our bustling lives, specific areas of our bodies often bear the brunt of our daily stresses, leading to discomfort and tension. Our 30-minute mini sessions are designed to provide targeted relief to these areas, offering a focused approach to soothe pain, enhance mobility, and promote relaxation. Whether it's a stiff neck, sore shoulders, or aching lower back, this quick yet effective treatment is tailored to address your specific needs, fitting perfectly into your busy schedule.

This is a 30-minute treatment made to target problem areas. Waking up with a knot in your shoulder or neck? Sudden migraine or back pain? This is what the 30- minute treatment is for.

Not for whole body massage, lymphatic drainage or foot scrubs.

Will accept Insurance for 30 minutes.

Makenzie Maurice


Makenzie Maurice- Sunrise Stretch & Massage

22566 Southwest Washington Street, Suite 211
Sherwood, OR


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Targeted care in 30 minutes for your specific needs. Feel the difference.
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